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The InControl 12 consists of a relay unit and a 12-key keypad. The keypad can be remotely mounted or installed on the relay unit. Each independantly configurable key controls a relay which, in turn, applies power to an output device. The InControl 12 can control up to 12 output devices. It uses high current, automotive grade relays to ensure reliable operation and minimize maintenance.

A DIP switch allows the operation of each key to be configured for momentary control (device is ON while key is pressed) or latching control (device is ON when key is first pressed and OFF when key is pressed again).

Each key has a three-color backlight to indicate the output status. Keypad legends are interchangeable for easy customization. There is also an audible key-press beeper, which can be configured on or off.

The control circuits provide feedback to a microprocessor to verify power is applied to the outputs as directed. If failure is detected, due to a blown fuse or other malfunction, the associated key will flash. Diagnostic LEDs on the relay unit also indicate the actual output state



  • Operates using standard 12 volt DC automotive power
  • Self contained relay unit with simple panel mounting allows ready access to fuses and wiring.
  • Relay unit has two interchangeable relay cards to control 12 individual output devices. Replacement relay cards can be installed in minutes.
  • Diagnostic LEDs on relay boards show actual output state.
  • Individually fused relay outputs control up to 30 amps each, with a maximum total unit power of 200 amps.
  • Each relay card has a high current terminal lug for connecting the main power input. (up to 100 amps)
  • Relay cards have removable high current output connectors for easy wiring and maintenance. (up to 8 AWG wire)
  • Each output can be configured for momentary or latching control.
  • Modular keypad can be remotely installed or mounted directly on relay unit.
  • Single, Ethernet communication cable connects keypad to relay unit.
  • Keypad legends are interchangeable for easy user customization.
  • Keys are backlit in user-selectable tri-color scheme to indicate output status.
  • Audible feedback for keys can be configured on or off.
  • Operator is alerted of output failure, (fuse, etc.), by flashing the backlight of the associated key.
  • Vehicle ignition signal is monitored to ensure the unit operates only when ignition is on.

Power up initializes the unit with all outputs off. Depending on user configuration, pressing a key will activate the associated relay output with either a momentary or latching control. Each key backlight color will change to indicate the output is on. Turning off the ignition will turn off all the outputs.

Check out the InControl Brochure